I have been an innovator since the time I demonstrated that ultrasound could differentiate between different peoples’ fingerprints. Since then, I have sought after transformation opportunities—not only for individual teams but also for entire industries.

While having experience leading teams of 150 or more and budgets of up to $30mm, I’ve demonstrated the ability to make significant improvements and generate new revenue streams with groups as small as four members.

From the foundation of my professional career as a Computer Integrated Manufacturing Engineer, I learned that implementing best practices around data, process control, and automation can transform an environment—from the semiconductor shop floor to the executive suite. I’ve been successful in performing transformations in the Information Technology and Telecommunications industries.

An expertise that I have developed is the ability to deliver in a state of ambiguity. When I step into a chaotic environment, I assess the situation, develop a transformation plan, and then execute. The results are increased productivity, decreased costs, and potentially new revenue streams.

Having broad experience across the software development lifecycle, I have provided a well-rounded insight into the teams that I’ve led. I’m known for being a hands-on leader who creates a challenging but fun environment where people can learn and advance.

Success Stories
● Led the creation of knowledge capital on emerging technologies that allowed a Big 4 Consulting firm to open a new business line and expand an existing business line that generated over $3mm in revenue the first year.
● Led a 30-day turnaround effort of a team where a project, with a $10mm per month run rate, had stalled for two months.
● Led the creation of a DevOps capability that allows the business to onboard new customers within two hours versus the previous period of 2 months.