Knock Down the IT Silos

One of the productivity thoughts put forth in this article is to create automated processes for low value work. Their plan of attack? Ask a friend in your company’s IT function to help you. That’s a good concept but normally it won’t get you far. Most IT shops are busy delivering high value add functionality. They have backlogs that are governed by product owners and a kanban board that prioritize delivery based upon value. If the request is for automating a low value work task for a single worker–it will probably be placed at the end of the priority list. All too often, IT professionals do get engaged on performing ‘favors’ for people. In those cases, the high value work gets delayed. The justification is always the same, “This won’t take you much time.” But when you get enough of those items lumped together, it does take a lot of time.

A key to agile transformations is to reinvent the IT silos and turn them onto their sides to create capability pipelines. Deliver the tooling and training to allow the individual knowledge worker to quickly build the types of automatedprocesses they need. IT needs to move away from being a supporting activity in the strategy and transformation value chain to being an enabling activity in the value chain.